Sample Sounds & Sights of Flattop Gigs

A taste of originals and covers to whet your appetite … and while there are more music genres than you may have time to listen to, if you don’t hear it or see it, check the play list — and if you don’t see it listed, just ask. We probably play it! And we’d be happy to arrange for you to come see us live and experience our energetic performance first hand!

Toe Tappin’ Sound Clips

The sound clips included here are selections from all four of Flattop Tom’s albums as well as from some live gigs to give you a taste of the band’s incredible talent and versatility.

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Video Clips To Make You Smile and Wanna Dance!

The selection of clips you will see range from 1992 to present day. In them, you will experience Flattop’s bluesy harmonica, the band’s vintage sounds, audiences enthusiastic responses, and swing dancing complete with aerials!

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A Playlist That Will Take You Back

Our playlist includes selections and hits from the 30s and 40s, including Standards, Big Band Swing, Blues, Jump Blues, 50s Classics, Oldies, Boogie Woogie, Rockabilly, 60s, Surf music and Holiday music.

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