CD Info

CD Info

Flattop Tom & His Jump Cats’ CDs are available by filling out the form below. $15 for 1 and $50 for all 4! CDs can also be purchased at live shows.

The best of Flattop Tom and his Jump Cats tunes from all 4 CD’s are available on Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Don’t Cheat the Feet
Recorded in 2008 with 19 cuts and 9 originals.
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Swing Dance Party
Recorded in 1998 with 17 cuts and 11 originals.
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Rockin’ & Jumpin’ the Blues
Recorded in 1995 with 21 cuts and 14 originals.
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Jumpin’ Blues for Your Dancin’ Shoes
Tom’s classic first CD was recorded in 1993.
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