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Flattop Tom & His Jump Cats’ CDs are available by filling out the form below. $15 for 1 and $50 for all 4! CDs can also be purchased at live shows.

Flattop’s CDs are distributed by City Hall Records at and are available at most record stores in the Blues and Swing sections.

Flattop Tom & His Jump Cats - Don't Cheat The Feet

Don’t Cheat the Feet
Recorded in 2008 with 19 cuts and 9 originals.
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Swing Dance Party

Swing Dance Party
Recorded in 1998 with 17 cuts and 11 originals.
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Rockin' and Jumpin' the Blues
Rockin’ & Jumpin’ the Blues
Recorded in 1995 with 21 cuts and 14 originals.
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Jumpin Blues for Your Dancin Shoes
Jumpin’ Blues for Your Dancin’ Shoes
Tom’s classic first CD was recorded in 1993.
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